Central Business District Signals Phase 3 Project


We are no longer accepting submissions.

What is it?

Request for Bids for the Traffic Upgrades at ten intersections in the City's Central Business District for the Phase 3 Project.

Download Opportunity Documents

Not sure where to start? The document labeled as an RFP (Request for Proposals), RFQ (Request for Qualifications), or IFB (Invitation for Bid) will contain more detailed instructions about the project timeline, what we're looking for, and how to put together a proposal.

How do I bid?

In order to bid on this project you must be a registered business partner with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. For more information about becoming a registered business partner go to http://www.dotdom2.state.pa.us/ecms/BP_Reg/index.html

If you are already a registered business partner, the bid documents and procedures are available at http://www.dot15.state.pa.us/ECMS/


September 14, 2017

Opportunity opens for submissions.

October 17, 2017 at 10:00AM EDT

Deadline to submit proposals.

Have a question?

We'd be happy to answer it! Send it in to amanda.broadwater@pittsburghpa.gov.

Please refer to the timeline section of the opportunity documents to see when the question & answer period opens and closes.