COSTARS 19 - Bound Tree Medical LLC

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Contract Type: COSTARS
Expiration Date: 2017-10-08
Controller Number: 50763
This contract is expired and is not usable anymore.

Contract Details

  • List of Manufacturers: 3m; a Plus International, Inc.; Aaa Packaging Materials; Abbott Laboratories; Acme United Corporation; Adc-american Diagnostic Corporation; Adi Medical, Inc.; Afassco; Airgas, Inc.; Alero, Inc.; Allied Healthcare Products, Inc.; Ambu, Inc.; Ammex Corporation; Amsino International, Inc.; Andover Healthcare, Inc.; Anthony Welded Products; Aramsco; Arkray Usa, Inc.; B. Braun Medical; Ballard Medical Products; Baxter Healthcare; Bay Corporation; Bayer Healthcare, LLC; Bd (Becton, Dickinson and Company); Beaumont Products, Inc.; Bemis Manufacturing Company; Biomedical Devices; Biomedix Inc.; Briggs Healthcare; Bsn Medical, Inc.; Busse Hospital Disposables; Cardinal Health; Conmedcorporation; Covidien; Digitcare; Emergent Respiratory Products; Hartwell Medical; Inovo, Inc.; International Medication Systems, Ltd. (Ims); Iron Duck; Laerdal; Microflex; Nasco; Nonin Medical; Phillips Health Care; Propak; Pyng Medical; Safety International; Sam Medical Products; Simulaids; Sscor, Inc.; Stryker; Thomas Emergency Medical Solutions; Tsg Associates; Welch Allyn, Inc.

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Ambulatory Products - -